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How to Contact Us...

Text is best!

Please don't take offence if you get our answering service. Phone signal is often weather related and we can be off-grid.
Please text, message or email and we'll get back to you!

This a working farm, so we'd ask you to be understanding.
We've to spend with our visiting guests and must try to limit any distractions from that.
If you need to speak with us, please try us between the hours of:  12-2 or 5-6 p.m. however Text is Best!

Social Media Messaging

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Away To Me

Main Street,
Malin Beg,
Co. Donegal.

Online Payments

Stripe is the payment partner of choice.
On the first-hand they are an Irish company (2010) and secondly they have a trusted reputation, reliable and secure.


Stripe Secure Payments

Pre-booked, Scheduled Visits

Away To Me Payment

CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE YOUR VISIT and get your unique Reference# BEFORE using this payment portal.
Stripe will then facilitate your payment.



Away To Me Gift Vouchers

Giving: Vouchers can be bought and emailed to friends & family.
We'll send out their unique gift voucher by email (postal vouchers by request).

Gift Recipients: Simply contact us to schedule your visit and apply your unique voucher reference.
You'll receive a confirmation email of  time/ date / arrangements.

Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

Enter the Euro amount of your gift and the recipient's name/ email as the reference. We will send the voucher to that email address.